Privacy policy

Privacy policy

General information
This Privacy Policy ("Policy") explains how SC KONIS KON SRL (hereinafter referred to as "KONIS KON") collects, uses and manages personal information. KONIS KON undertakes to protect and respect confidentiality, ensuring that the processing of personal data strictly complies with the principles and rules of the European Regulation.
In the European Union, personal data of individuals are protected in accordance with the provisions of Regulation no. 679/27.04.2016 (reffering to the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data), which applies from 25.05.2018 (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR" or "European Regulation").
Regarding the personal data we collect, KONIS KON is a "data controller", i.e. the entity that sets out the purposes for which and the means by which personal data are processed.

This Policy is valid from May 25, 2018 and is meant to inform you that KONIS KON applies and complies with the provisions of the European Regulation on:
- the processing of personal data carried out by the operator in order to accomplish the specific activities according to its activity;
- processing your personal data as a site visitor;
- the processing of personal data of employees, candidates and collaborators of KONIS KON, performed in order to fulfill the legal obligations regarding the labor law, the financial-fiscal law etc.

We review this Policy periodically and provide any updates on this web page.

To contact us about your personal information or this Policy, please use the following contact details:

Name of the company: SC KONIS KON SRL
Address: Str. Trei Fantani FN, Vlădiceni (Tomești) – 707518, jud. Iași, România
Phone/fax:. 0040.232.272555
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Personal data" means any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person ("the data subject"). An identifiable person is a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier, such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or one or more elements specific to his physical, physiological, psychologic, genetic, economic, cultural or social identity;
"Processing" means any operation or set of operations performed on personal data or on personal data sets with or without the use of automated means such as collecting, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or modifying, extraction, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction;
"Operator" means a natural or legal person, a public authority, an agency or other body which, alone or with others, establishes the purposes and means of processing personal data; where the purposes and means of processing are determined by European Union or national law, the operator or specific criteria for designating the operator may be laid down in European Union or national law;
 "Visitor" = any person accessing or using the Site;
"Target person" = any natural person whose personal data is processed by KONIS KON as an operator (for example clients, site visitors, KONIS KON employees etc.);
"Restriction of processing" means the marking of stored personal data in order to limit their future processing;
"Data logging system" = any structured set of personal data accessible according to specific criteria, whether centralized, decentralized or allocated according to functional or geographic criteria;
"Recipient" means the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body to which personal data are disclosed, whether or not a third party;
"Third Party" means a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or body other than the data subject, the operator, the person empowered by the operator and the persons under the direct authority of the operator or person empowered by the operator to process personal data;
"Consent" of the person concerned = any manifestation of free, specific, informed and unambiguous will of the person concerned by which he or she accepts, through a statement or unequivocal action, that personal data concerning him or her to be processed;
"Violation of personal data security" = security breach that accidentally or unlawfully leads to the unauthorized destruction, loss, modification or disclosure of personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed, or unauthorized access access to them;
 "Supervisory Authority", hereinafter referred to as "National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing" (NASPDP) = public, autonomous and independent national authority set up under Article 51 of the GDPR to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals on the territory of Romania, in relation with personal data processing and the free circulation of such data. It is headquartered in Bucharest, 38-40 Magheru Boulevard.

What categories of personal data do we collect and process?
KONIS KON processes personal data regarding the following categories of individuals:
• Representatives/contact persons designated by a client contractual partner/supplier of KONIS KON;
• employees and collaborators of KONIS KON;
• candidates for employment within KONIS KON;
• visitors of

KONIS KON collects and processes the following personal data categories:
• contact information: name, surname, signature, telephone number, e-mail, address, profession;
• data collected automatically when you visit our site (IP, used browser, site visit time, visited pages, area of ​​origin, etc.);
• concerning employees/collaborators/candidates KONIS KON: training data - diplomas - studies, employment history, job titles, salaries and bonuses, bank account, activity monitoring information, training, tests, questionnaires, image, identity card number and passport number, personal numeric code, health data, religion, criminal data/criminal convictions/safety measures, data regarding disciplinary sanctions, personal data that may result as a consequence of disciplinary investigations, as well as any other data categories that employees/candidates provide us directly.
Personal data collected through observation (i.e. through security cameras located within the objectives where KONIS KON operates) in order to ensure legitimate interests (such as ensuring the security of KONIS KONS employees, protecting KONIS KON property, security of information and mobile systems of KONIS KON) do not serve to perform analytical or profiling activities.

What are the purposes and bases of personal data processing
We will use your personal data for the following purposes:

1. So that KONIS KON may provide services for your own benefit

This general purpose may include, as appropriate, the following:
a) providing products and services;
b) solving cancellations or problems of any kind related to the purchased goods or services;
c) handling complaints;
d) provide support services, including providing answers to your questions about your orders or KONIS KON's goods and services.
Processing your personal data for these purposes is in most cases necessary for the conclusion and execution of a contract between KONIS KON and you. Certain processes underlying these purposes are required by applicable law, including tax and accounting legislation.

2. To fulfill KONIS KON's obligations towards its own employees

a) drafting, modification, updating, suspension, discontinuance of individual labor contracts;
b) filling in/updating of the General Register of Employees Evidence (REVISAL);
c) calculation and payment of due wages and due social contributions;
d) ensure the correct and complete recording of the accounting information, the preparation and transmission of the financial reports to the state institutions, according to the laws;
e) career management and professional training;
f) ensuring health and safety during work;
g) ensuring certain rights and special needs;
h) handling, processing, archiving, deletion or destruction of personnel documents in a secure and confidential manner, in accordance with the provisions of the European Regulation.
The basis of the processing of personal data is the fulfillment of the legal obligations of KONIS KON as an employer.

3. For marketing purposes
To keep you up to date with the best deals related to KONIS KON products and services, we will send you by e-mail/telephone/mail etc. personalized information and/or offers regarding KONIS KON products, services and activities.
In most cases, we base our marketing communications on your prior consent. You can reconsider and withdraw your consent at any time by contacting KONIS KON using the contact details described above and we will act accordingly.
In some situations, we can base our marketing activities on our legitimate interest in promoting and developing our commercial activity. In any situation where we use information about you for our legitimate interest, we take care and take all necessary measures to ensure that your fundamental rights and freedoms are not affected.

4. To defend our legitimate interests
There may be situations in which we use or transmit information to protect our rights and commercial activity. These may include:
- website protection measures against cyber attacks:
- measures to prevent and detect fraud attempts, including the transmission of information to competent public authorities;
- measures to manage various other risks.
The general reason for these types of data processing is our legitimate interest in defending our commercial activity, being understood that we ensure that all the measures we take guarantee a balance between our interests and your fundamental rights and freedoms.
Also, in some cases, data processing is based on legal provisions such as the obligation to safeguard the goods and values ​​provided for by the applicable legislation in this field.

Where are your personal data stored?
We keep personal data collected in secure environments. Your personal information is protected by unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification or destruction by any organization or individual. The processed data is stored in KONIS KON's premises and IT systems.

To whom we submit your personal data
As the case may be, we may transmit or give access to certain personal data to the following categories of recipients:
• courier service providers;
• Territorial Labor Inspectorate;
• payment/banking service providers;
• state financial institutions to pay mandatory social contributions.
If we have the legal obligation or if it is necessary to protect our legitimate interest, we can also disclose certain personal data to public authorities.
We currently store and process your personal data on the territory of Romania.

How long do we keep personal data
As a data controller, KONIS KON will process your personal data strictly according to the time it takes to achieve the processing purposes for which it was collected, ensuring compliance with applicable legal obligations, including, but not limited to, the archiving obligations.
At any time, you may request us to delete certain information and we will respond to these requests, subject to the retention of certain information in situations where applicable law or legitimate interests impose it.

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What are your rights regarding the privacy of personal data provided?
As far as the processing of personal data specified in this Privacy Policy is concerned, each person concerned has the following rights, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions:
(a) the right to be informed - the right to be informed of the data processing activities carried out by KONIS KON in accordance with the legal requirements;
(b) the right to access personal data -  the subject's right to obtain from the personal data controller, upon request and according to the law, confirmation that the personal data concerning him or her are processed or not, as well as details regarding data processing activities;
(c) the right to interfere in data processing processes - the right to obtain from the personal data controller on request and free of charge: (1) where appropriate, rectification, updating, blocking or deletion of data when data processing is not in accordance with the law, in particular in case of incomplete or inaccurate data; (2) where applicable, the transformation into anonymous data of data whose processing does not comply with the law; (3) the notification to third parties to whom the data have been disclosed of any operation carried out in accordance with point (1) or point (2), if such notification is not impossible or does not involve a disproportionate effort to the legitimate interest that could be damaged;
(d) the right to object, at any time, on legitimate and solid grounds related to its particular situation, to subject’s data processing, unless otherwise mentioned by law;
(e) the right not to be subject to an automatic individual decision - the right to obtain human intervention on such a decision, the right to express its views on such a decision and to challenge the decision.
(f) the right to portability - if the processing is based on your consent and is done by automated means, you have the right to request KONIS KON to transmit your data to another operator.

If you believe that data processing carried out by KONIS KON in the context of your relationship with you violates the rights set out in the European Regulation, you may address us with a written request dated and signed or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (28-30 General Magheru Boulevard, Sector 1, postal code 010336, Bucharest, phone +40318.059.211, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

In all cases, KONIS KON will respect your rights as well as the provisions of the E.U. Regulation no. 679/2016.
If you contact us with personal data requests by e-mail/mail, we will need you to prove your identity and give us any further details required to help us respond to your request.