About us

Established in 2005, SC Konis Kon SRL is in the top 3 manufacturers of stretch film and the first producer of recycled film from Romania.

We pride ourselves with the purchase, in 2013, of a stretch film production line for palletizing, through a project financed by the European Union. The equipment produces the stretch film from polyethylene granules through the process of melting and extruding. Until 2013 our company commercialized the stretch film by processing the film from jumbo rolls into smaller rolls according to the customer's requirements; currently the purchased equipment allows us to cover the entire production and commercialization cycle, the consequence being the reduction of the costs of the Company, thus the possibility of offering competitive prices. We can produce stretch film with thickness between 8-40 μ and widths between 100 mm and 1500 mm. In addition, we use support tubes weighing 100g for the stretch film, so that its share in the final weight of the film roll to be minimal..

Our mission is to professionally satisfy our customers' requirements in terms of quality, price and delivery time, cultivating relationships based on respect, transparency and trust with all our partners.